Mission General

Specializes in groceries, bulk foods,
closeouts, meats, cheese, and jams.

We are always looking for a bargain
to bring to you!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020! 

We welcome you to visit us at Mission General Store and at K&B Bargain this new year. 

Stop in and see what we have to offer. Oh, and don’t forget to say hello!


Mission General Store Gourmet Food

"Rich in Tradition, Rich in Taste"

We carry clocks, rockers, cookbooks
& much more - great gift items!

Please Visit our Produce Department
temperature controlled produce cold room
Fresh Produce Available All Year Long

Local Produce when in season

Meat & Cheese Trays
for your next gathering

Stop on by to see our weekly
Troyer Cheese & Meat Specials

Did you know

Troyer Off the Bone Ham

Brings a secret every good meat cutter knows:

“If you have a bone, you have more flavor”

Troyer’s unique process for creating this ham gives you the flavor of the bone without the bone

We also make fresh custom deli sandwiches

Feedback From Our Customers

Daniel N Ashley

We love visiting the Mission General Store. There is a little bit of everything there. I love the delicious sandwiches and huckleberry ice cream. Yummy! Fresh food · Organic products · Prepared foods · Great selection · Local produce

Daniel N Ashley


The deli is amazing the canned goods remind me of growing up and canning and the discount candy keeps the family happy. I love the selection of canned goods. pickled everything and bread and butter pickles n they have Tupperware! Great selection



Nice place to shop. Some unusual items. Nice people.



The staff is super sweet. The deli products are wonderful. We always find the things we are looking for and the prices are very reasonable. Great selection